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Dior pop-up store in Soho, New York
Apr 20, 2021 | From: Admin | Gategory: Other Shop Design | View:64
Dior pop-up store in Soho, New York The latest edition of Dior‘s satellite pop-up store in Soho is all about its My ABCDior bags and personalisation. Situated right next to the Dior flagship store on Greene Street, the compact retail space obviously sees a matching interior design, featuring stacked and suspended wooden boxes of different sizes adorning the walls and window, all seemingly positioned at random, ...
Dior Mall Kiosk Design
Jul 19, 2017 | From: Haimi,Z | Gategory: Makeup Kiosk | View:826
Dior Mall Kiosk Design Dior Kiosk is designed for shopping center, mainly to offer make up service. Usually mall kiosk is 3x3 m or 3x4 m for cosmetics. So it is very important to use up the space. This Dior kiosk is with 4 demo, work table with LED mirror, outside is cosmetics products display, the another size is big advertise TV. Dior kiosk is fully of logo, no matter illuminated or not. The LED...