M2 Display is based in Shenzhen, China and works with traders, designers, and Brand retailers to to delivery premium shop display units/ shop in shop/ mall kiosk worldwide.

We are professional to control cost, quality, and time with M2 standards. You can get report from each process.

Main Service: Design, Manufacture, Delivery for Non-food Retail Shop.

Let M2 suffer & solve headache, you just enjoy the happy opening day !

-- Haimi.Z and Jenne.G, Founder

M2 Advantages

1) We are not factory, so you have more choices and offer real one stop service.
Producing in China requires a close monitoring and extensive knowledge of the various production stages as well as diligent quality supervision by experts. Our extensive experience with manufacturing in China allows us to negotiate highly competitive prices for our clients, yet without compromising on the quality.

Our clients are guaranteed that they are being offered the best manufacturing combination for their retail production as we “pick and choose” the most appropriate manufacturers for each of our projects.

What' s more, we are the third part, so we can QC the goods and require factory to improve as shop owners.

2) M2 is a small company.
We’re able to do a lot of things the big guys can’t. Being small lets us offer you the lowest prices, provide better/faster service, and also give you the top-notch experience that a big corporation can't compete with.

Customers always let us know they tried the big guys first, only to end up shopping with us and wishing they'd done it sooner. We love hearing this, because it confirms that we're doing things right.

3) We' ve been doing this a long time.

If you ever email us or open our live chat, you can be sure that the person on the other end has been doing this for many years. After solving various issues and stayed in factory for years, we know how to reduce clients' s headache and cost no matter in products or international trading.

Being a global company, we can ensure that your manufactured project will be well satisfied and timely delivered by highly qualified professionals, together with clear installation menu. We only work with service providers that can deliver reliably, unpack carefully beautifully - allowing you to benefit from quality off-shore manufacturing with reliable logistics.