Fred Jewellery Boutique Retail Shop Design, Paris – France

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The agency is author of the entire boutique design as well as the apartments; decoration, store and interior design, the artworks decorating the walls, as well as furniture design that has been realized by Malherbe Edition.

metal & glass Jewellery shop display stand

Integral to the design of the project, Malherbe has created a myriad of material that are part of the retail identify of this luxury jewelry brand Fred, and have been designed to measure for this site. Among which are a stone relief pattern that has been worked into the facade masonry as well as on plaster interior walls., a mural made of resin tinted a deep blue inspired by the brand’s renown enamel techniques on jewelry, jacquard fabrics woven with gold and rose threads on dry cotton, a circular niche inlaid with gypsum stone, a frieze collage celebrating the history of the brand.
arc round gold Jewellery shop display units

M2 Display supplies bespoke metal display units for  Jewellery retail shop, and focus on high end quality, which can satisfy most shopping center' s requirements.

 Jewellery shop corner display counter
wall mounted glass display cabinets for Jewellery shop
brass frame Jellewry display counter China Supply

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