BACKYARD Porcelain Store Design Japan

Apr 28, 2017 | From: Haimi,Z | Gategory: Porcelain Shop | View:255

This porcelain shop is located in the Seibu Sogo department stores in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro and Shibuya, and in the Yokohama Sogo department store.

porcelain shop glass display counter design

It combines the novelty of the commercial back yard, in which new products arrive straight from the workshop, with the excitement of playing in the back yard at home. Simple white fixtures bring out the rich variety of the different products, and the plinths and stands’ plywood texture appears gradually towards the base.

Simple white fixtures display plinths by plywood texture for porcelain shop

Most shops hide the plywood base of their fixtures under licks of paint, so showing it like this brings the shop’s ‘backyard’ into the shop itself, casually and nonchalantly creating a link between the hidden world of production and the shopping experience.

Most shops hide the plywood base of their fixtures under licks of paint

You will also find there are lots of lighting from ceiling, because cabinets lighting are limited.

illuminated wooden paint display cabinets for porcelain store

plywood made white display stand for porcelain shop

porcelain store free standing display

concrete paint wall display units for porcelain shop

porcelain shop display table

retail shop display counter with LED & Wood