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Dear Client

Brexit finally happens, we were worried that the pounds devalue badly. It may cost more pounds for UK clients to import from China.
Good news is that RMB has risen, so it helps both of us to some extent.

Many clients said they liked phone mall kiosks projects sent last time.
We are so glad to know it. And we will try our best to do better and offer better projects.

This time, it is regarding Beauty mall kiosk, we choose those widely know projects.
Most of those kiosk is 10x10ft or 10x12ft (3 x 3m, 3 x 3.6m, 3 x 5m, etc)
And materials are fire rated, CE/ FCC certificated for different country.
Royal Hair Bar
Size: 10x10ft or 10x12ft
Materials: Fire rated plywood + MDF, paint & lacquered; light box, super white tempered glass.

This kiosk is usually produced over 5 sets, cost is $5,300 USD.

china supply manufacture Royal Hair Bar

S.H.A.P.E.S Brow Bar
Size: 10x12ft (3x3.6m)
Materials: Fire rated plywood + MDF, paint & lacquered; light box, super white tempered glass, track lighting, light box.
This kiosk has lots of lighting, so price is around $6500 USD.
china supply S.H.A.P.E.S Brow Bar
Premier Dead Sea
Size: 10x12ft (3 x 3.6m)
Materials: MDF fire rated B grade, Paint & Lacquer, light box, acrylic logo covered by stainless steel.
Materials are normal standard, but painting is very thick, but cabinets are irregular and clients are very strict in details, so price is a little higher than normal, $6,800 USD for the first design.
Premier Dead Sea mall kiosk design
LAKA Minicure Express
Size: 2.8x5.2m
Materials: MDF fire rated B grade, paint & lacquered; Corian Similar table with chairs, super white tempered glass, light box.
LAKA kiosk is much complex, no matter the structure, or multi-color (difficult to control the color selection), and difficult to purchaser some required parts. Cost is $13,500 USD.
China Supply LAKA Maunicure Express Kiosk

Organi Skincare Kiosk
Size: 3x5m
Mainly Materials: Solid Oak, not wood grain veneer, Corian Similar Counter Top, Super Slim Light Box, Super White Temper Glass, Mean Well Power Supply.
This client not only choose high quality materials, but also strict on details. Cost is $12, 000 USD.

Organi Skincare Kiosk DesignChina manufacuture Organi Skincare Kiosk

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