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Feb 15, 2017 | From: Haimi,Z | Gategory: M2 Semimonthly Collections | View:184

Dear Clients

We are back to work this week, even factories are still on holiday and will start to production after Feb. 12th. It is busy day for us.

It is really curious that all of our recent orders are corian made kiosk, no matter handbag kiosk, sunglass kiosk, phone kiosk or cosmetics kiosk. I think we can open an corian factory now !

All those kiosk will be ready around the beginning of March. Some will be shared with you.

Below is one latest cosmetics kiosk to Macao.

Size: 3 x 4m

Cost: around 15,000 USD.

This kiosk is for luxury shopping center, so requirements are high end & strict.

All the invisible but touchable area are fine painting, like the lightbox inside, drawing inside.

You will find the production photo floor is different. Because clients changed the materials without informing the mall and remade one.

I also like this design very much. But so many gold stainless steel on counter top is really not practical, some are slightly scratched during cleaning. So We have to add a protector on the till counter top.

M2 Display manufacture Gold Cosmetics Kiosk Design

Considering there are so many corian kiosk recently, below are previous works, Hope you like them.

Seacret Skincare Mall Kiosk

Size: 4 x 3 m

This is very simple but nice design, only black (Formica laminate) & white (Corian) color. This is also my favorite design. Jenne arranged lots of their kiosks.


Predire Hair Beauty Kiosk

Size: 10x12“

This is a very old work, and main materials are pure white Corian (solid surface) + fire rated plywood, with PU Paint, cushion & tempered glass. The big letter P is very luxury.


If you also like corian shop display units and are worried about quality, we can express you corian sample. Contact Miss Haimi, 008618938683014 (whatsApp) for quick answer.


Haimi Zhong

M2 Display