Hair Mall Kiosk Collection

May 17, 2017 | From: Haimi,Z | Gategory: Hair Beauty Kiosk | View:235

We collect many hair beauty mall kiosk, open or close style, with hair products and work station.

This is PYT Hair kiosk, it is mainly for hair salon, a little featured.

PYT hair Salon mall kiosk

This is nearly complete stainless steel made hair extension. I like its brushed finish which looks Normcore and sexy shape.

hair extension mall kiosk

Here is one previous featured work, stub cuts haircut kiosk, click to check more.


And here is Royale Hair salon mall kiosk, 10x10ft, 10x12ft to USA market.

And this is Arial Beauty Hairdressing Kiosk, 3x6m to UK Shopping center.

Arial Beauty Hairdressing Kiosk

EDGE UP Haircut Kiosk Design

EDGE UP Haircut Kiosk Design