How to Choose a right LED Screen for Your Retail Display Cabinets

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With the Digitization time coming, LED Screen is a must for physical stores, no matter it is retail shops, shop in shop or kiosk.
LED Screen is a must for physical stores, no matter it is retail shops, shop in shop or kiosk.

Before we choose the LED Screen sizes, we need to consider budget, main functions and the location sizes limitation, like wall decoration, window display, floor display, in the shop or kiosk.

Actually, TV/ LED Screen cost is very cheap now, cost if from $100 to $1000 and sizes are from 19 inch to 65 inch. But over 65 inch, cost is much much more expensive, not suggested if not inevitable.

1. Standard, High-Definition & 4k Pictures

Please check the TV Viewing Distance. The biger TV, the bigger max viewing distance. What' s more, higher definition, also bigger max viewing distance which means attract more clients coming to your shops. 

Actually, most TV is high-definition in the market now, 1080P. If over 40 inch, many are 4K definition which also required your AD photos/ video are high definition and more budget. 

Screen Size and TV Viewing Distance

The definition is at least 720 P in the market, most are 1080P TV, and 4k TV is usually limited in sizes over 40 inch. 

 if it is 1080P definition, the TV screen can attract further and more clients. If it is 4K definition, it is nearly 2 times of 1080P visibility. 

4K and 1080 TV Screen differnece

2. Standard TV or AD LED Screen. 

If the TV is horizontally displayed for images/ vedio, and standard TV sizes are acceptable, TV is a good option and more stable. 

But if it is vertically displayed and it needs to play Video, it is highly suggested to be AD LED Screens. Personal speaking, AD LED Screen looks nice than TV and more suitable for display cabinets :). Some clients also reflected that TV is not bright enough than AD LED Screen. 

As you know, LED Screen is control by remote and is not easy to uninstall it in the cabinet. 

But more and more TV' s remote control LED pot is under the TV. After TV installed, remote become difficult for both of us, you have open the TV or open big area in the cabinet to receive remote. 

When I introduced AD LED Screen, clients will think it is bespoke made and expensive. It is more expensive than standard TV, but usually around 10% expensive for common sizes. If bespoke sizes, price will be more expensive. 

What' s more, the system can also be bespoke as you required. Anyway, latest TV system is also powerfully enough as long as you do not need special requirements. 

AD LED Screen better choice for retail display cabinets

3. LED Screen Sizes

As you know, TVs are measured diagonally - not horizontally like furniture - which means that a 60 inch TV is not actually 60 inches wide at all. To further complicate matters, the measurements of a 60 inch TV do not include the bezel (or frame) around the screen.

Here M2 listed standard and common sizes for TV in 16:9 ratios, from 19 inch to 80 inch. Please note different manufacture, screen sizes may be different, just a reference.

Usually, it is suggested big TV for window display or wall decoration, 50~65 inch is wonderful size.

It is suggested medium TV for floor display counters or kiosk totem, mainly because of the display units size limitation, 32~40" are widely used. 

M2 hope this article can help to find the most suitable LED screens for your retail shop or mall kiosk.