Is it safe to import mall kiosk from China

Jul 19, 2017 | From: Haimi,Z | Gategory: Retail Wiki | View:149

If you never import bespoke mall kiosk or any shop display cabinets from China, you will think it crazy.

But you must know you can save at least 20% ~ 50% compared to local purchase.

This is Why to import such big items from China.

By sea or by air ? Is it safe ? How to control quality ?

You will have lots of questions, especially if you never import anything from China.

Too many questions, let' s focus on safety first.

First, is the china supplier safe to trust ?

You can google the company information, like M2display. Then contact the sales if they are professional or not.

Usually it takes around one month to confirm a mall kiosk or retail shop work. During it, you can tell if the supplier is worthy to trust.

If possible, you can visit them and discuss your shop display project face to face.

Second, how to control quality ?

If you can not visit the factory, it is suggested to cooperate with big & mature factories directly or professional agents.

Big & mature kiosk factory has professional QC departments. M2 Display cooperates with small to medium factories for long term cooperation, and M2 Display will follow each process. Even you just order one small kiosk, those steps are carefully operated.

  1. Before Production : arrange production meeting with factory manager & project engineer to discuss each display counter, like
    materials requirements: fire rated grade, ultra clear tempered glass, CE/ UL listed, etc
    craft requirements: PU paint finish, laminate in 45 degree joint (no black line), UV Bounded glass, invisible welding joint metal, etc.
    structure safety: it is mainly according to experiences, imaging the usage issues and how to avoid. If mall kiosk was made before, client can reflect previous issues.
    clients & shopping centers' special requirements: make sure clients & shopping centers' requirements can be well done.

  2. During Prouction: M2 Sales & QC go to factory to check each process if production is as requirements and time is controlled.
    Materials QC: quality, certificate, colors, any special functions.
    Wood structure: size, structure test,
    Paint/ laminate/ coriain/ metal: finish, joint, color, etc.
    Installation: QC as shop owners and test as shop staffs.
    Loading: well cleaning and safe packed.

Is it safe to import mall kiosk from China

Mall kiosk is bespoke made, and it is very important to use good quality material, and test structure.

If quality is not good when goods arrive your country, you need to pay lots to hire local workers to improve and finish is still difficult to be nice.

If kiosk quality is really too bad, shopping centers may reject it and remake again, especially for luxury shopping centers.

Third, how to control time

Usually production time is 15 ~ 25 days for 1 ~ 2 kiosks. But you must keep 3 ~ 7 days for quality improvement and accident solving.

So please keep 30 days for production. If you offer enough time, but kiosk supplier still delay the loading much, you can ask for refund or discount in next order.

  1. Production meeting & materials preparing: around 3 days.
  2. wood structure: 2 ~ 5 days.
  3. Paint/ Laminate/ corian/ matel workshop: 3 ~ 5 days.
  4. installation: 3 ~ 5 days.
  5. final QC: 3 ~ 5 days.

If in busy season, it may take over 30 days. M2 Display has 2 ~ 3 cooperated manufactures which can solve tight time issues. But it is suggested to keep at least 25 days if you wanna quality mall kiosk.

Mall kiosks, as the words for shopping centers. I always agree that shopping center is the big boss, rather than kiosk owners.

So the opening day is difficult to change, or you will loose money in mall contract' s fines or rent, even the locations.

Fourth, how to install and is after service available?

Usually kiosk is very easy to install, just put them together as plan drawing, then wire plug & play. If any complex installation, video will be sent.

If there is quality issues, you can ask kiosk suppliers to send requirement materials for free.

M2 Display will also refund some money if there is obvious issues caused by our sides.