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Dear Clients

Happy Magpie Festival !
It is also called Chinese Valentine's Day ! A very important Day for Lovers. Click here to check the original story.
If you know more Chinese culture, you can get better prices from Chinese Suppliers.

When love is mentioned, Jewellery is mentioned. So previous Jewellery projects will be shared with you.

First,  a nice floor display is recommended.
What' s more, price is also very good in premier finish because mould are made for the glass cover. It is for a luxury local Jewellery shop.
See the right corner one, it is just $700 USD.
brash finish metal glass display cover
This is a 3 x 3 m Jewellery Kiosk, for Dubai market.
Actually, those display units are for a large Jewellery shop, but clients is bankrupt, and those display are gave up.
So this kiosk is just $6500 USD, even with so many stainless steel in plating craft, fire rated plywood with oak veneer, and Epistar LED strips.

illuminated glass wooden jewellery mall kiosk


There are nearly 10 Joya Jewellery shop projects manufactured.
Client offers the photos on site and share with you.
The latest projects has many changes, the floor counter is new designed.

wooden glass display units for jewelry shop


I do not like the 3D drawing of Avari Jewellery shop, but the real shop looks nice.
It is 11 x 5.2 m ,except the wash room & staff room, goods cost is is around $19,000 USD.
As you saw, main materials are fire rated MDF paint & lacquered, stainless steel plating frame, lots of LED strips & spotlights, toughened glass, which are standard for shopping mall.

brass frame white PU paint jewelry wall display cabinets

jewelry retail shop interior design

manufacture wooden glass jewelry display floor counter

AVARI Jewellery Shop Photos



It looks like a Jewellery shop, but a Luxury pipe shop.
Factory has its own complete metal workshop, and metal craft is premier standard.
Now, factory is full of wood counters ( 300 sets of  France VETAS Phone Counters in production) , need metal display counter now. Come on !
Pipe Shop Project M2
brass finish metal jewelry glass cabinets
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