Kiosk Design and Build in China

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China is famous to export various products and service to worldwide. It is also famous for its cheap price. Some clients even say unbelievable cheap price, but headache in quality control.

It is the truth for some Chinese suppliers, but not all. We are also ashamed to this bad reputation.

Kiosk Price is still very important for export trading, but how to insurance for mall kiosk quality?

This is the issue M2 have to solve to build trust and long term cooperation.

As you know, custom retail mall kiosk is small work compared to retail shop work and each kiosk are different.

Even same design, it is different in different countries, even different shopping centers.

What' s more, it takes one ~ two month to find a new client, build trust.

In order to make sure kiosk build as required and good quality, it takes lots of effort.

It is very important that M2 has long term cooperation with brands.

M2 offer real one stop solution for mall kiosk, from kiosk design, kiosk make, kiosk delivery, kiosk install, kiosk after service.

M2 actually have after service.

Below are quick answer for clients' s initial meeting.

Kiosk Design ----- around a week

layout:  free, within one working day.

3D concept: $300, 1 ~ 3 working days. --- refund when order confirmed.

Construction drawing: free, 1 ~ 3 working days. --- made after order confirmed.

*** Shop design, cost is over $500 according to sizes & requirements.

Production & delivery ---- around 2 months

Production time: 20 ~ 25 days for production, 3 ~ 5 days for QC & improvements.

Delivery time: around 1 month (quick line).

Usually simple mall kiosk, size is around 3x4m, materials are Paint, Tempered glass, LED, with small part of stainless steel. Kiosk prices is around $5000 ~ $9000 USD.

If with many Gold stainless steel, or many illuminated acrylic panel, or many solid surface area, kiosk price is around $9000 ~ $13000 USD.

If with large scale of Gold stainless steel or solid surface, or very complex structure, kiosk cost is around $15000 ~ $20000 USD, similar to a small shop budget. Anyway, those kiosk are very nice and attractive.

Those is just kiosk make cost.

Delivery cost is around $1000 ~ $1500 USD to Asia country, and around $2000 USD to European main country, around $3000 USD to America main country, from factory to destination port. If not main port, cost will be higher.

I checked with some clients, usually customs clearance is 10% of custom value (clients usually require 50% of real value. )

Local delivery is very different, you can get the cost.

Kiosk built cost is usually around $3500 USD if not too complex. We have cooperated local install team to build kiosk and do after service.

They take care off all access and health and safety, and remove existing kiosk and install new.

Our local install team can also get delivered to their warehouse and transport.

More question, please call Miss Haimi or add her whatsApp 0086 18938683014.