Latest Beauty Mall Kiosk Work - M2 Display

Jan 01, 2018 | From: Haimi.Z | Gategory: M2 Semimonthly Collections | View:282

Dear Client

Happy New Year to 2018 ! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday.

With more and more clients back to work and Chinese New Year' s coming, the busy season is also coming.

If you have any plan to open new shops recently, please start early and confirm design in 2 weeks. Or the Chinese longest holiday starts, 7 ~ 30 days. Many process will be slower and slower.

Below is one of our latest work, a nice Beauty & Brow Mall kiosk, it is 5x3.5m to Australia, made by Gold stainless steel with customized grain, black solid surface, black Formica, LED acrylic, TV, cushion, etc.

This eyebrow kiosk including products display area, eyebrow work table with a 3 meter long mirror, and waiting area cushion. What' s more, there are also some very caring design detail, like the tissue cover, trash bin.

Beauty & Brow Mall kiosk

When mentioned this eyebrow kiosk with wall, there is another similar but different design recommended before.

Brows Threading kiosk, but this one is made by solid oak with black stainless steel & black solid surface.

Brows Threading kiosk

Finally, it is a design collected from internet, IMPERTIX Beauty Mall Kiosk, it is made by Gold stainless steel, marble & LED acrylic, etc. Hope you like the design.