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Jun 30, 2016 | From: Haimi.Z | Gategory: M2 Semimonthly Collections | View:366

Dear Client,

How are you ?

It is the big season for travel, especially July and August. Many clients have already on the way.
You may also on holiday when checking this email. So M2 must offer some design like scenery.
Before it, show you our latest project.
5 sets of USA cosmetics kiosk just loaded last week. We stayed in the factory for 24 hours, and my colleague caught cold because of it.
Fortunately, everything goes well. So all our efforts are worthy, so proud of it.
5 sets of USA cosmetics kiosk just loaded last week
And good news is M2 just got a new project, 3 phone shops in UK, it is still in design which will be in production next month.
So this time, we will show our factory' s previous phone projects. Hope you like them.
The PAK Phone Accessories kiosk is 24 SQM.
It is simple design, but attractive, especially the arc & angle product display. The yellow painting is really nice and shiny, can not stop to show you details.
 PAK Phone Accessories kiosk is 24 SQM
design & manufacture pu paint phone mall kiosk
And Ifix Phone kiosk is 24 SQM.
Even it is an old project, but still worthy to share again.
I like the wood strips them, it will be better if a stepped display unit added on the glass counter top.
design & manufacture Ifix Phone mall kiosk
Actually, this is not a phone kiosk, but TV kiosk, also 20 SQM. If I do not tell you, you will misunderstand it, too.
Focus on the display table top, it is bamboo veneer, my favorite material. How about you ?
FOXTEL TV kiosk for shopping center
Any interesting style? Wanna know price ? Normally, price is from $5,000 to $8,000 USD, with M2' s quality control service.
Reply me now, or just call me if you have any question. My cellphone below is also WhatsApp account.
Haimi Zhong
+86 189 3868 3014
M2 Limited | Shenzhen, China