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Nov 28, 2016 | From: Haimi.Z | Gategory: M2 Semimonthly Collections | View:391
Dear Client,

Chinese New Year' s is coming, Jan. 27th.
It is the biggest day in China. And we will have 1 ~ 2 weeks holiday.
So if you have  any plan to open new shops, it is suggested to confirm order before Dec. 15th, or we can not promise goods can be loaded before holiday.

Last week, one cosmetics kiosk just loaded by air. Yes, it is by air. Because time is too tight.
Normally, we offer non-profit air shipment to support client & our shipper for long term cooperation.
But it is still expensive, so earlier arrangement is suggested.

Gold Face Kiosk
Size: 3x3m
Goods Cost: around 12,000 USD --- including all you can see in the 3D.
Main materials: Fire rated plywood + white glossy painting with gold stainless steel frame, Corian similar (solid surface) counter top, acrylic, mini channel letters, etc.
The roof is not easy to install, but much brighter and attractive.

Below are other previous similar cosmetics kiosk in painting + corian similar.
Adore Organic Cosmetics Kiosk
Size: 2.5x4 m
Goods Cost: around  $8500 --- not including the display units.
Main Materials: fire rated plywood + ebony wood grain/ white glossy painting, corian similar counter & sink, gold stainless steel, lighting, illuminated acyrlic letters, etc.
Predire Skincare Mall Kiosk
Size: 3 x 3.6 m
Goods Cost: around $9500 USD. --- including all you can see in the 3D.
Main materials: fire rated MDF + laminated, with grey marble/ pure white corian counter top, reverse lit channel letter, leather, tempered glass, etc.

Those design can allow more than 4 demo which means 4 sales can service 4 clients at the same time.
What' s more, it is just $300 USD design cost for those kiosk, which will be returned after ordered. If you know what you want, it takes one week to complete.

If you have any question regarding shop display, lease feel free to contact me, or add my whatsApp for quick answer, 008618938683014
Haimi Zhong
+86 189 3868 3014
M2 Limited | Shenzhen, China