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Apr 29, 2017 | From: Haimi,Z | Gategory: M2 Semimonthly Collections | View:339

Dear Client

How are you?

Labor Day is coming and we will have holiday from 29th, April to 2nd, May. Please call me 008618938683014 if you have anything urgently.

Before our holiday, share 2 latest cosmetics kiosk with one previous work but nice design to you.

All 3 kiosks are very complex work with expensive materials. So I do not wanna share cost to you which will scare you.

Aoua Cosmetics Kiosk

Size: 3x1.5x1.5 m

Main materials: Gold Stainless steel, Black/ white corian, Illuminated acrylic, silver mirror, etc.

Yes, it is 1.5m in width. So it is a little crowd inside. We still think it will be better if counter depth can be smaller.

As you see from the design, it is complex craft, especially the small display counter made by small white corian line with gold SS panel.

Gold Metal Black Corian Aoua Cosmetics Kiosk for Shopping Center

ORIGANI Cosmetics Kiosk

Size: 8.5x2m

This kiosk is just loaded last week, really a very headache work. It is mainly made by stainless steel with acrylic. And acrylic is really a wrong choice.

Gold Metal Illuminated Acrylic Origani Cosmetics Kiosk

Eyebrow Bar

Size: 6x4m

This is an old work, mainly by solid oak with black corian. the flower grain is made by SS sheet. And logo is channel letters.

Clients requirement all luxury materials. As you see, it is nice kiosk, so worthy.

Solid Wood Corian Cosmetics Kiosk

If you have any question regarding customized retail display, please feel free to contact Haimi, 008618938683014 (WhatsApp).


Haimi Zhong

M2 Display