Latest Retail Display Work- M2 Display

Nov 18, 2017 | From: Haimi.Z | Gategory: M2 Semimonthly Collections | View:215

Dear Client

How are you?

There are many Fair in China. If you have plan and needs help, please feel free to let us know.

I was just back from Hongkong COSMOPACK & COSMOPROF Fair, which was really very worthy for beauty people, there are lots of suppliers from Asia, and visitor worldwide.

Below is a latest Chocolate Kiosk made for Shanghai Fair. It is a real one stop solution, from design, make, delivery & installation in the fair.

Even glass cover broken during delivery, but everything solved before Fair started. Client is very satisfied with it.

Chocolate Kiosk made for Shanghai Fair

And here is a Jewelry Kiosk loaded latest month to Spain.

JOYA Jewelry Mall Kiosk

Size: 6x4 m

Main Materials: Mirror stainless steel, illuminated acrylic, tempered glass with LED, cabinet stand spotlights, white laminate, etc.

China Supplier Joya jewelry mall display kiosk

Last, it is Japan boutique second shop, it is a little different from first shop and much bigger. I was waiting for the opening day photo, but it delayed one month.

first shop opening day photos

first shop opening day photos

second shop production photos.

second shop production photos.


Haimi Zhong