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Dear Client

Long time no say.

It is the busiest time for China Retail Fixture Factories because of the coming National Day & Mid-autumn Festival, 8-day-holiday.
Many local shops will open during such an important holiday.
Urgent order will be headache in this month, please note.

Last month, we mentioned there are 3 shops in production. We will share the Japan boutique retail shop and UK Jewelry shop in shop work this time. As mentioned, our phone work clients always do not allow us to share their work.

Fortunately, one phone client said he agrees recently, just not allowed to share his construction drawing.
Considering there are many accident of his last work, we will share his next work when he said yes to us.

First, it is our Japanese client' s third boutique shop. It is new design, much different from previous 2 shops, Natural and comfortable feeling.

I like the real leather handle in old styles. Till counter front is also full of those handles, forget to take the finished photos.

China Supply Wooden Retail Shop Wall Display Cabinet

Second, it is Moriconi Jewellery Shop in Shop for House of Fraser. UK clients must know this brand shops.
The brushed stainless steel strips decoration makes the display counters more precious. Don' t think so?
3 heavy typhoon in last 2 weeks, cray! And the glass workshop was damaged by typhoon last week, so it is really very headache to deep cleaning the glass & signage which takes 2 days just for deep cleaning & package.

China manufacture Jewelry Shop in Shop Display Cabinets

At last, share M2 Standard transformer craft.
When install transformer, it should be safe, good heat releasing & easy to change
See photo below, it is installed inside the kicker, 

  • staff usually can not touch it;
  • there is enough space for heat releasing;
  • Repair workers can open the access panel by the hole easily.
    Isn' t it an perfect method. 
What' s more, M2 Standard transformer is Taiwan Meanwell brand, one of 10 best transformers in the world. M2 continue to learn and find better solutions to improve our loved cabinets.  

M2 Standard Shop Display Counter Transformer Installation

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My whatsApp is 0086 18938683014.

Haimi Zhong
M2 Display