M2 Maintenance details

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If you want to display cabinets, please contact us. We have professional technicians and designers. From the installation, maintenance and use of the cabinet to consider making technology, handle all the details, do the most convenient; design currently only simple design of cabinets, if you need to join in the company culture like the high-end design, our design can not be done now, but we will give the best advice and try to do.

For example:

Transformer installation and maintenanceThe transformer is hidden in the skirting board, and the movable plate is arranged at the bottom of the cabinet or the drawer, and the transformer is arranged on the movable plate, which is not only convenient for maintenance, but also safe, and also does not need to worry about the heat dissipation problem.

Installation and maintenance of light barLight is fixed by a fastener, aluminum groove and the cover of PC light, when the need to replace the lamp, just need to take the new aluminum groove, the lamp strip is inserted into the lamp strip is inserted with the letter, unplug the connection, can be simple replacement

We also have lighting design, can better display products, so that lighting more comfortable, more bright products.

We have professional jewelry lamps, LED lamps which we have a constant voltage and constant current, constant voltage of the lamp is that we often use, easy to heat, constant current lamp is almost no heat, but there are requirements for each size, not more than 1 meters long, suitable for batch counter, less the counter cost is very high. This is also its shortcoming.