M2 UK & Dubai 15 days Visit

Jun 28, 2018 | From: Haimi.Z | Gategory: Company News | View:81

As you know, M2 team focus on UK market since 2015, and with many works in UK. So I and Engineer Jenne went to UK from May. 30th to July. 8th. Then went to Dubai to visit our partner and other contractors. 

We just finished the busy work because of the UK trip together with our previous Nigeria trip. 

Good news is that our team finally got the 5 floor Department project in Nigeria from our UK client. 

2 floors are in production, and 2 more floors coming, which will open at September. 

The another good news is that M2 find 2 trusted installation team in UK, and will test them soon around September. M2 is building the real one stop solution, from design to installation, together with good after service. 

If you wanna us to visit your store during our September visit, please feel free to contact us. 


Haimi Zhong

M2 Display Team