Modern Glass Jewelry Mall Kiosk Design

Mar 12, 2018 | From: Haimi.Z | Gategory: Jewellery Kiosk | View:1104

If you have many Jewelry products and a jewellery kiosk in the shopping center. The modern and safe design is your option if you do not have any favorite style. No matter it is 2x3m, 2x4m, 3x4m, 3x6m, 4x4m, etc. If the kiosk rent is around 2 years, MDF Paint is a widely choosed and piratical options. Those kiosk cost is from $5000 to $10,0000 USD ex-work.  

It contains all the necessaries jewellery sales function, 2 layers of illuminated shelf to display jewelry of the glass display counter, and corner display counter with one more layer. 

The cabinet bottom can be storage area for packages & stocks. 

It is close design, so till counter is with wheels to be movable door for staff. What' s more, there are 2 totem to display your logo & lightbox/ LED Screen as you wish. 

Usually we suggest jewellery brand logo can be saw from all direction especially the mall kiosk is located in the middle of the shopping centers. But usually shopping centers will limit the totem to be 2 sets MAX, and height is from 1.8 ~ 2.4 accordingly. So the rest 2 elevations, LED logo can be in the bottom of the cabinet. 

Some client may be worried if mini mall kiosk looks nice, like 2x3m, below is one example. 

Gold stainless steel is not so expensive as you thought, too. Below is premium finish Gold stainless steel with wood veneer & LED 3D acrylic letter, cost is around $6500 USD. 

jewellery mini mall kiosk 2x3m

jewellery mini mall kiosk 2x3m