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Dear Client

Good news, our website is just updated, with beautiful works uploaded.
From now on. all the projects sent by email, you can see from our website, too, including this semimonthly-collections email.

During uploading project files, I found concrete is such a awesome material, and can not stop to share with you.

And we manufactured some display units with concrete finish. It can not only be used in wall decoration, but also retail display units and looks awesome.

Please check one of our previous work.

FEAT toy mall kiosk
Size: 3 x 5 m
Main Materials: display units are made by concrete board with bamboo. Bamboo board is with many holes for adjustable display shelf/ hook. Curved logo looks historical. You will found the concrete finish looks smooth, because it is standard brick and grinding slim by hand.
Concrete with bamboo finish toy mall kiosk

And this is a sample display stand for a luxury mall centers.
The brass metal finish is 5mm thickness. The designer insist real brass at the beginning, but client gave up because of the cost and change to matt brass PVD stainless steel.
The hook system are also very strong and firm which is magnetic for convenient changes. Inside are white laminate finish no matter visible or not.

What' s more, those concrete are hand made painted, so finish are Matt and irregular.

Concrete with bamboo finish middle free display standing

Concrete with bamboo finish middle free display standing

Those 2 concrete display gives me good impressive for this materials. So if you like it and wanna use for your retail shop display, contact me, I will offer you the best offer no matter in design or production.

Below are extra 2 design collected from internet or during shopping.

Dubizzle Display Stand
This is also a fantastic design for a fair display. If you like the timber stand theme, you may also like Origin Mall kiosk. Click to check.

design Duizzle Display Stand

Lastly, it is the concrete till counter, I found it during shopping for clothing and love it so much and one collected from Pinterest.

Do you start to love concrete? Contact haimi, promise you the best price & service !


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