UK Ismash Phone Repair Store Design

Aug 29, 2016 | From: Haimi,Z | Gategory: Phone Repair Shop | View:1002

This iSmash phone store located in Kings road, London, is Specializing in the customization and repair of smart phones and tablets. And it is inquiried by many clients because of its good client experience.

Look at the shop front design, it is made by LED channel letter which strength the iSmash brand.
Please check our signage site for more luxury channel letters styles.

ismash phone repair experience shop uk

When you enter the phone shop, you can buy phone accessories or go for the repair station directly. The window display table is good for clients for waiting.
And the cubical wood display counter with glass cover is attractive with round corner added.

cubical wood display counter with glass cover

And this is the Gondola double side display units, simple but awesome.
It is PU white paint finishes, with tempered glass at counter top anti-scratch.
The same style to the phone till counter. Clients must be impressive to its signage at the image wall bay. LED channel letters are really
indispensable part to retail shops.

 Gondola double side display units for ismash phone shop

Repair work table is really very piratical design.
Various cubes as counter top display, enough work space for engineer with storage wall bays at back.
M2 display' s shop display are all customized to suit different clients. If you have any special requirements or any headache, just let us know.

ismash repair work table for phone repair staion