Watch/ Jewellery mini Mall Kiosk Design

Mar 14, 2018 | From: Haimi.Z | Gategory: Watch kiosk | View:1040

For mall kiosk, the sizes are always very limited, usually from 2x2m to 5x6m which need to display products, storage, cash and space for staff.

Every time I ask clients' main requirements of the kiosk design, they will continue to stress the importance of MAX Display, MAX storage and powerful lighting. Then How about mini mall kiosk like 2x2m and 2x3m.

Gold and white design watch mini mall kiosk design

Above is a Gold and white design watch mini mall kiosk design, if you do not have many watch products to display, this is a good option with nice design. Access door will be a removable display counter with wheels. And glass cover display for safety and can be illuminated. The 4 sides are with brand logo, which can be reverse lit as you wish.

watch and eyewear mini mall kiosk

And this is a modern and piratical design for watch or jewellery mall kiosk, it is all MAX functions required,

MAX Display area (the display counter can be 2 layers if storage area is enough),

MAX Storage area, inside are all drawers or cabinets

MAX Advertising area, not only 3D backlit acrylic brand logo can be visible in 4 sides, there are still 2 high totem display with lightbox, together with the corner high display counters with 2 sets of LED image.

MAX Powerful lighting, lighting is nearly everywhere, display, logo, AD image, display counters underneath.

black glass Jwellery mini kiosk

This is my favorite mini mall kiosk design for jewelry or watch, it is 3x3m but also suitable for 2x2m and 2x3m. It is glass display shelf with black power coating metal frame and black paint. Lighting can be more beautiful.

Actually, many clients inquired this  mini kiosk and we made layouts and budget for them. Even they are satisfied with the mini mall kiosk cost, they just needed one set and gave up considering the international delivery.

For mini mall kiosk, we highly suggested at least 2 sets which can fit a 20ft container. But if you really wanna cost effective, 5 sets each is suggested, no only because of the delivery, but also kiosk cost.

If those mini mall kiosk design are still not satisfied, please contact M2 and tell us your requirements.