Mobile Fix It Mall Kiosk

Brand: Mobile fix it

Products: Phone repair & accessories

Size: 3 x 4 m

Market: Australia

I do not like this phone kiosk by 3D at first sight. 

design commercial mall Mobile Repair & Accessories kiosk

Maybe because it is square and each unit are the same. 

Mobile Repair & Accessories mall kiosk

Below is this phone mall kiosk layout, very simple. 

cellphone accessories glass display mall kiosk layout

When you saw  the shining paint finish with super white tempered glass, together with the illuminated liner, They are really attractive. 

china supply Mobile Repair & Accessories mall kiosk design

Photos were took by my cellphone in weak light... It is difficult to tell, sorry. 

phone accessories Glass display cabinets with drawers

Anyway, thick paint, powerful lighting and super white glass are M2 basic standard for all shop works.