ZL Jewelry Mall Kiosk

Brand: ZL Jewely

Products: Jewelry

Size: 7320 x 5120 m

Market: China

wanna know more details about ZL Jewely: http://www.zljewelry.com/

ZL Jewelry Retail Shop Display Kiosk is for a local China brands. It is European styles, in PU white painting with brass metal finish. Even shopping center is more and more strict in design, but this one is very classical style.

China manufacture Paint Jewelry Retail Shop kioskChina manufacture Paint Jewelry mall kiosk

 Paint Jewelry Retail Shop designChina manufacture Paint Jewelry Retail Shopglass Paint Jewelry Retail Shop design

Here are production photos for ZL Jewelry mall Kiosk, you can check it clearly. Display counter is made by low iron toughened glass with LED Channel lighting, the track is with mirror.

Those display units are made of fire rated MDF, but the feet is solid wood, which is not cheap, but luxury.

customized China manufacture Paint Jewelry Retail Shop display counter